Adaptive Data Virtualization

Datometry is a data virtualization platform that makes databases interchangeable and liberates data from vendor lock-in. It is fully transparent to applications eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming database migrations.

Break Down Data Silos

With Datometry Hyper-Q Platform, any application can access any database in your enterprise's data center, without changing a single line of code.

Avoid Costly Migrations

Migration projects are expensive. Save millions in services and shave years off your project plan: Datometry Hyper-Q Platform is plug and play.

Innovate Without Risk

Datometry Hyper-Q Platform future-proofs your IT roadmap. The applications you develop today will run on another database technology tomorrow.

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Datometry is an early-stage venture-funded startup based in San Francisco, California. Founded in 2013, the company pioneered the concept of Adaptive Data Virtualization: run any application on any database. Datometry's flagship product, Hyper-Q Platform, currently supports integration of Q/KDB+ applications with PostgreSQL-compatible databases. Support for other database systems is currently underway. Subscribe to our news feed to make sure you learn about upcoming products.


F. Michael Waas

CEO & Founder

Rhonda Baldwin

Head of Product & Business Development

Lyublena Antova

Research Scientist

Zhongxian Gu

Research Scientist

Rohan Prakash

Business Development Manager

Robbert van Renesse

Technical Advisor

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  • “more than 50% of data migration projects will exceed budget and/or result in some form of business disruption due to flawed execution."

    Gartner Report - Best Practices Mitigate Data Migration Risks and Challenges, December 2014

  • "With a more hybrid approach, companies can combine the high performance and speed capabilities of in-memory while solving the storage issues"

    Simon Garland, Chief Strategist of Kx Systems - Wired Innovation Insights, October 2014

  • "the number one issue of business stakeholders and analysts is getting access to the data."

    Michele Goetz, Forrester Analyst - Blog, February 2015


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