Datometry Releases Driver Integration for BigQuery, Further Future-Proofing Its Customers’ Investments

Datometry customers benefit from improved performance when migrating from legacy platforms like Teradata and Oracle to Google BigQuery

SAN FRANCISCO – (December 20, 2022) Datometry, the database virtualization company, announced today that its Hyper-Q product now integrates the latest version of the high-performance Simba ODBC Data Connector. Datometry customers take advantage of this innovation without changing their existing applications.

Before Datometry, database migrations required significant effort for rewriting entire applications. As a result, database migrations are considered risky and marred by a high failure rate. But even those migrations that succeed deliver only suboptimal results. Because a migration uses a given version of BigQuery, enterprises are stuck in time. Adopting recent developments of BigQuery later on, would require redoing parts of the migration.

Datometry Hyper-Q makes existing applications work on Google BigQuery without code modifications. Situated between the application and BigQuery, Hyper-Q translates queries in real-time. This preserves the integrity of applications while making them portable between databases. Upgrading to the newest version of Hyper-Q, now customers get the benefit of the Simba ODBC high-performance connector.

“Datometry customers do not only migrate from legacy systems to BigQuery,” said Mike Waas, CEO, Datometry. “With Hyper-Q, our customers future-proof their investment in a unique way. They know their workloads will always use the latest innovations of BigQuery.”

Datometry gives Google BigQuery users a strong competitive advantage. Through its continuous updates Datometry guarantees customers get the most out of BigQuery. Even beyond the initial migration, Datometry customers reap significant dividends from their investment.

About Datometry

Datometry is the leader in database system virtualization. With Datometry Hyper-Q, enterprises can run their existing applications directly on next-generation databases without needing costly and risk-laden database migrations. Datometry counts leading Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises worldwide among their customers. For more information, visit www.datometry.com

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